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LJ community for fans of Australian and New Zealand actors, actresses, and directors (either born in Australia, or associate their nationality with those countries).

-Please no off-topic posts, (including memes, unrelated surveys, etc.)
-When posting large pictures, please use the lj-cut fuction.
-No flaming. That means you.
-If you have any suggestions for more aussies/kiwis that are not listed, please mention them and they will be added.
-This community will also include musicians, as well as other artists. Nevermind the unfortunate choice of name, chosen in the heat of the moment for the sake of alliteration.
-This community is moderated by drphungus

Welcome to the Community!
When you join, please introduce yourselves! How a first post can be structured (though feel free to be footloose and fancy-free with what else you want to say about yourself):

1). Name
2). Location (country of origin, etc.)
3). Age
4). Favorite Aussie/Kiwi
5). Anything else

Our Aussie/Kiwi of the Month: Julian McMahon

Past Months
March 2004: Hugh Jackman
April 2004: Cate Blanchett
May 2004: David Wenham
June 2004: Eric Bana
July 2004: Richard Roxburgh
August 2004: Miranda Otto